Corner Conestoga Cupboard

Corner Conestoga Cupboard

72¼”H X 49½”W X 26″D

Made in the USA!

Finish Options: (Finishes & Hardware 2)

All pieces are stained or painted and then finished with a clear, satin, acrylic lacquer. These finishes are highly resistant to water and alcohol based liquids, but we recommend that all spills be wiped up immediately. Bright natural light, reflected or direct sunlight or very low humidity can cause changes in the pine that is used in these pieces. Knots, heavy resin streaks, seasonal cracking are all natural characteristics of pine products. As they age and are exposed to light, especially sunlight, these characteristics can become more a prominent part of the finish. This is a natural process in pine furniture giving it an antique look.

Full size is 340 × 500 pixels

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